Saturday, June 21, 2008

Saturday Sky June 21, 2008

A beautiful sky on a beautiful summer day! The temperature got up to about 80. Now, at 6:30 our thermometer shows 87, but it is in the sun. There was quite a breeze, though. I went outside to sit on the deck and knit, positioned the pattern on my lap, picked up my knitting, and the breeze blew the pattern across the deck, knocking the knitting out of my hands causing 4 stitches to drop about 4 row. Luckily I got them picked up (it was lace) but did end up with 2 extra stitches. Because the pattern looked correct, I might have made a mistake back farther, but I just decreased them back to the correct number. After knitting 15 more rows you can't even tell where it was.



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