Friday, January 19, 2007

Helix Hat and Mittens

Every year at MN Knitters' Days, people bring yarn to sell. This year a bag of Encore in these 3 colors plus red enticed me to buy, since Encore is my favorite yarn for charity knitting. This bag had a couple balls of white yarn which I didn't want to use alone for children, so wondered if I could make striped mittens using Joan Hamer's technique of making jogless stripes in her pattern for the Helix hat. It worked. Essentially, you knit 1/3 of the stitches in Color A, and drop the yarn, the 2nd 3rd of the stitches in color B, and the 3rd 3rd in color C. When you get to the beginning of the round you continue the first 3rd of the stitches with color C. Color A is waiting there, waiting to knit the 2nd 3rd where Color B is waiting for the last 3rd. The pattern for the Helix Hat can be found on Joan's blog. in the November, 2005 posting. Maybe her pattern explains it clearer.



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