Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Military Helmet Liners

With more troops being sent to Iraq, the need for helmet liners and hats is increased. My first reaction was "why do they need these if they are in the desert?" , but our troops are subjected to sub-zero windchills. The hats are made from Cascade 220 or similar weight wool yarn because the wool is warmer than synthetics. One hat can be made from one ball on size 8 needles in black, charcoal, brown, tan, olive drab but black is the preferred color. One of the members of my Culver's KnitWits has found a man in the National Guard who works with the people being deployed from Camp McCoy, so he gives them right to the people who also can take extras for people already over there.

The pattern is available at www.geocities.com/helmetliner



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