Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Slippery Socks

During my surprise birthday party at the yarn shop, my 17 year old grand daughter said I could make her a pair of slippery socks for Christmas. The actual name is spiral tube socks and the pattern is from the Cottage Creation book, "Projects for the Community." When my first 4 grand children were about 6 or 8, I made them each a pair. They loved them and promptly named them slippery socks because they slid around the hard wood floors so nicely. Since then, all the grand children have received at least one pair. What a surprise that she still wanted a pair! Another surprise is that she reads my blog-so I hadn't posted the socks before she received them. The yarn for the socks in Encore and are made on size 6 needles, I think.

My daughter is a new knitter and said now that she's finished going to school-she just received her Master's Degree-she could learn to make slippery socks. Her daughter, the recipient of the Christmas sock, said, "No, those are for Grandma to knit."



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