Sunday, August 13, 2006

Vivian Hoxbro Rainbow Jacket

Well, I found the yarn so am able to start the repairs. I was afraid to start in case I needed more yarn and wanted to know where it was. It was in my cedar yarn closet where it was supposed to be, but I had looked through that twice, checked the yarn shop, and cleaned out my bedroom closet (a job I've been putting off all summer), and checked the yarn closet again and there it was in plain site. Gremlins! I've taken out several bands of the neckband, now will use the extra yarn to knit up the 2 stitches that somehow got taken out when I took out the first color. Then the ends have to be worked in at the same time as joining the front and back. Now I'm waiting for my eyes to rest, better light, and will have to think about it before continuing. I'm still wondering how I'm going to deal with the neckline decreases.



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