Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Knit Wits

Tuesday is the day a knitting group I started 3 1/2 years ago meets at a local Culver's (fast food chain in the Midwest). This particular Culver's had a community representative who's job was to promote Culver's in the community. One night I was having my dinner alone enjoying my dinner while reading a book-something I enjoy doing. Since it happened to be their family night, the community representative came over and told me they were doing face painting for children of all ages and I could have my face done. Since I was on my way to teach a knitting class in the school district community ed program I told her I didn't think it was appropriate. She revealed she also was a knitter and why didn't the group I had elsewhere come to Culver's? Well, after some brain storming we decided to have a group meet weekly with the objectives of just getting together to knit and knit for charity. Surprise to me, when the publicity came out was added "learn to knit". Now more than 3 years later our group has grown from 4 people at the first gathering to an average attendance of about 25. Last week we made another distribution of items knit (and we added crocheters) to the local charities we keep well supplied with hats, mittens, scarves, sweaters, lap robes, afghans, booties, premie clothes, and slipers. That distribution made a grand total of over 4000 items donated. Things go to Head Start,community assistance organization, hospitals, Crisis Nursery, the school system for social service and ESL programs, woman's shelter and the Red Cross. I never expected it to grow like it did, some lasting friendships have developed, and some people have learned to knit!



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