Monday, July 18, 2011


Since I forgot to put the pin on the finished shawl, here is the club shipment when it arrived in April. This is Rosemary Hill's Pin and Shawl Club (Sign ups are full right now.) When you sign up you have the option to get the pin, pattern and yarn, or just the pin and pattern. I always can use more yarn for shawls so I got that option. (If you believe that, I have some property in the swamp I can sell you.)

This is the beginning of the shawl. It started our in the round, then began back and forth. I used Emily Ocker's circular cast on. The "outie" center blocked out.I have been knitting almost exclusively on this shawl for the last couple weeks and finally finished. At the end, there were nearly 1000 stitches on the needle.

She surely doesn't look very elegant when finished knitting and not blocked. It took over 2 hours to block-pinning and re pinning. I started by marking my blocking board with the finished measurements just as a guide. I then pinned the center stem into place, put pins in the top most nupp and centered and pinned the edge. From there I pinned the rest of the shawl. I had bought 2 more boxes of T pins to add to all the blocking pins I had, but still ran out so had to use sewing pins.

The wine glass says, "Knit 1, Sip 1." I needed the whole glass when I finished blocking.

Probably the biggest feeling of accomplishment is seeing the lace blossom after blocking!

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At 8:49 AM, Blogger Christine P. said...

Oh, my!

I want to buy some swamp property, pretty please...


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