Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Learning to Cook

Our grand daughter, Sarah, wants to learn to cook, so when it was time for Rylea's first birthday party, she helped make "Dirt." Dirt has become a traditional birthday dessert in our family. It is a pudding, cool whip concoction with Oreo cookies on top. It is supposed to be put in a flower pot with a flower on top, but we just do it in a bowl and use the birthday person's choice of decoration. The most popular is gummy worms, with gummy bears and the candy that looks like rocks, but has chocolate inside. Sarah actually did most of the work on this batch!

When Sarah's parents were out of town and I was staying with them, Sarah and her friend decided to bake a cake. She had this cute silicone cake pan which makes the cupcake when the two pieces are put together. After her friend went home, Sarah decided to decorate it for an anniversary cake for her parents who's anniversary was while they were gone. We checked the wedding pictures and decorated this very much like the original with the addition of the writing and heart. The next day the two girls told me they decided to cut the cake in half and put more decoration on the half without the writing and eat it. So, they did-adding lots of colored sprinkles. It was good!



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