Sunday, December 30, 2007

Convertible Fingerless Gloves

What wonderful Christmas gifts I received! The blue bulb in the picture was painted by one of the women in my Culver's Knitwit group. The yarn was handspun by another woman in my group who has just learned to spin. It was a hard decision as to what to make from it as I wanted something I would use and I don't often wear hats or scarves, so Glittens seemed to fit a need for me.It was a hard decision what to make from the yarn as I don't often wear hats or scarves. What I did need was a mitten or glove without fingers as whenever I got in or out of my car, I had to take off my gloves to manage the controls on my i-pod. Glittens fit the bill.

Pattern: KnitPicks Men's Convertible Fingerless Gloves.
Needles: Size 6 and 8-a size smaller than suggested as I wanted a little smaller glove.
Two new techniques I used in these are:
Two tail tubular cast on. For a video on the method, see: . I really liked this cast on for K1, P1, ribbing. It differs a little from the method Debbie Stoller uses in her new book but I like this one better.
Kitchener Stitch with a knitting needle. See: How often have you needed to graft and didn't have a needle? This works!

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