Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Charity Knitting

One of the volunteer things I do connected with knitting is the organization of the KnitWits of Culver's in Coon Rapids. Each week people gather to knit, visit, and learn from others. One of the options is to knit for charity and this group is tremendous! Last week I cleaned out my car and my garage to sort the knitted and crocheted items to be distributed to local charities. This is the gathering.
Another volunteer position I have is the co-chair of the MN Knitters Guild Service Committee. One of the things we do is to distribute donated yarn to various organizations who knit for people in need. Also stored in my garage for the last couple weeks is this collection of donated yarn (plus 2 more bags I couldn't get in my car).

Some of the yarn is good...

And some is not as good.



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