Friday, October 12, 2007

Thrum Mittens

The first mitten was done previously and pictures and the information is in the September 6 post. The mitten has been on display at Amazing Threads and people love it-in fact the thums are nearly felted. Now I'm doing the second one along with the class I'm teaching, so here are pictures of how I inserted the roving or thrums.Prepare the fleece. I found that pulling a thin strip the entire length of the roving gets all the color variations. This technique of folding about one third of each end of the fleece toward the center and twisting it together is from Robin Hanson's book, Fox & Geese & Fences.

Knit up to the stitch to have the thrum. Insert the needle into the stitch in the row below.

Pull the center of the thrum to the front.

Knit the stitch on the left needle.

Pass the thrum over the stitch. (Like a bind off.)



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