Monday, August 06, 2007

Just Another Purse

A sideways view of the purse I made to use at my son's wedding on the beach in Maui. I found the kit in a yarn shop in Hannibal, Missouri. It is from Hourglass Creations, Inc and everything except the sewing thread for the purse lining was in the kit. The knitting is done with Hourglass Creation knitting ribbon which was the same fabric as the lining cut into narrow strips on size 17 needles and took very little time to knit a garter stitch rectangle. I think it took more time to sew the lining and attach the beads and the knitting.

The wedding is Saturday, so I will not be posting again for a little over a week. Hopefully, when all the traveling is done (this is the last trip) I can be a better blogger.



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