Friday, July 27, 2007

Dale Triangular Shawl

The Dale Triangular Shawl from the Dale of Norway booklet, Lace Shawls being blocked. This is an ingenius blocking board rubber floor mats made in puzzle pieces which fit together (Thank you, QoE). You can see how the pieces can be fit together in any way to sort of fit the piece being blocked. I was unable to block this shawl which I made on the Delta Queen as my knee went out on the trip and I was not able to crawl around on the floor on my knees like I normally did, so with these pieces, I was able to stand at my kitchen island which is an excellent height. Because I used blocking wires, once it was pinned on, I could carry it to the living room floor, put in a few pins where there were gaps and it was done! Because it is rubber, I should be able to use several times-I might even get a second set-it's only $10 at Target.

Yarn: Dale of Norway Baby Uhl

Needles: Size 7

I've nearly always used 24 inch circular needles for all my knitting, sometimes squeezing on many stitches when doing lace. I overheard a fellow teacher telling her class she uses long needles for her lace knitting. I did try a longer needle and discovered I didn't have as much trouble with the yarn overs slipping over the adjoining stitch.



At 5:34 PM, Blogger QoE said...

The shawl is beautiful!
I'm glad the puzzle pieces worked.
And now I'll have to try longer needles ;-D


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