Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Babies and Bears Sweater

The original Babies and Bears Sweater. A fun sweater to knit because the construction is so unusual. You start at the sleeve cuff, increase up the arm; when you get to the body you increase at a greater frequency which gives it the shaping. Stop at middle front and back. Finish off the front edging, put the back stitches on a holder and make the second side which is then grafted down the back. Stitches are picked up or taken from holders for the edging and then the hood. The size of the sweater is determined by the size of the yarn, baby weight, sport, or worsted.
Pattern: Babies and Bears by Cottage Creations.
Yarn: Encore (self striping)
My daughter liked this sweater when her children were infants as it was so easy to put the arms into the large armholes.



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