Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Felted Tote Bag

This is the felted tote bag made from my original pattern which I use to teach beginning knitters. After the first class of learning to cast on, knit, knit two together, and yarn over, the assignment is to to make dishcloths and shop for supplies to make the bag. The pattern starts at the top with some plain rows knit back and forth on circular needles. Then they learn to do increases and join in the round. After knitting for about an inch (or sooner if somebody questions it) we discuss the difference between garter stitch and stockinette stitch. The section with the novelty yarn is purled. After a few inches, return to stockinette stitch. The bottom is shaped with knit two together and SSK decreases, then bound off. The bottom seam and the little garter stitch edging are sewn together and the straps knit and sewed on. So, all the basics are learned and because the bag is felted, most mistakes will not show up and they have a nice end product!

Again, I will be gone for 3 weeks, but when I come back, I already have some pictures of knitting I've done.



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