Thursday, March 22, 2007

More New Books

Two new books I discovered wandering my favorite bookstore!
KnitKnacks, Much Ado About Knitting, forward by Kari Cornell, the editor of For the Love of Knitting, is a compilation of short articles by various authors about knitting. Some topics include, How to Tell When You've Crossed the Line from Recreational Knitter to Full-fledged Addict, Knitting on the Road and Beyond, and True Confessions of a Yarnileptic. Obviously, it is a humorous book, but the pictures are priceless-vintage yarn company pictures, pattern book covers/pages and historical pictures about knitting. A fun, fast read.

When Bad Things Happen to Good Knitters, An Emergency Survival Guide by Marion Edmonds and Ahza Moore has so many elements it is hard to classify it as a certain type of book. There are basic techniques from casting on to Kitchener stitch. It talks about gauge, yarn and needle choices, reading a yarn label, reading a pattern, shaping, and finishing. (This list is NOT all inclusive.) Interspersed are questions and answers about problems that can occur with knitting. As much as I don't need another technique book, this one has good content which I am sure I will use in my teaching.



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