Monday, March 12, 2007

Circumnavigate Sweater

When I bought the Taos yarn for the Pinwheel sweater, I purchased enough for a 39 inch sweater. When that sweater went to Frogtown and I started the Circumnavigate Sweater, I began to think I wouldn't have enough yarn. My LYS did not have any more, but one of the employees thought she had 2 extra balls at home. When she checked, it was not Taos, but Spirit by Twilleys of Stamford. They look identical so I bought them from her. Here is a picture of 2 balls of each. Can you tell the difference?Answer: Top row left to right-Spirit, Taos.
Bottom row-left to right Taos, Spirit
I did not like the way the yarn was pooling in the sweater using just the Taos, so a little before the armholes I added the Spirit doing 2 rows of Spirit and 2 rows of Taos. (There is a pin at the spot I changed, but it didn't really show up.) I think it works just fine and I can't even tell the difference when I am working with the yarns.



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