Thursday, March 01, 2007

Circumnavigate Sweater

One of the classes at Arnhild's knitting camp was the circumnavigate sweater by Medrith Glover. (I could not take the class because I was teaching shadow knitting, but wanted to make the sweater again as it is fun to do.)The pattern was originally available in Knitter's #10 Spring 1988 and is available from her at . It can be made from any yarn, any gauge, and sized to fit anyone. The construction is an engineering miracle with no seams to sew when finished. In the picture I've just fused the pockets to the body.
Yarn: Taos (the yarn from the pinwheel sweater I frogged.)
Needle: Size 8



At 4:36 PM, Blogger Judith Gaston said...

Hi---I knit a few of these maybe 10 years ago and I love them so but for the "billowy" sleeves. Have you figured a nice solution for that?
It was the WAY in that era of course, particularly for a raglan sleeve.

Love your site--I am in MN near Shoreview and White Bear.



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