Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Fiber Trends Playful Penguins

Isn't he cute? He does have eyes, but they are black and brown and don't show up very well.
Pattern:Fiber Trends Playful Penguins.
Yarn: Ella Mae. The fur is Eskimo
Needles: Size 11, 16"circular and a set of double pointed needles.

This is a good pattern to practise intarsia. The triangular base is knit, then stitches are picked up with black on one edge, the base stitches are continued in white, and with black, stitches are picked up on the other edge. It is knit back and forth, black, white, black while doing the shaping. It is joined at the neck and the head is knit circularly. The wings are each knit in one black and one white piece and the beak and feet knit. Finishing almost took longer than the knitting, sewing the two wing pieces together, the beak and feet stitched together and all pieces sewed on before felting.



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