Thursday, February 15, 2007

Going to Frogtown

After debating for some time, I decided both these sweaters are going to Frogtown! In the decision making process I learned I am a process knitter rather than a product knitter. I love to start something, but when I've gone far enough to see what it looks like, I get bored, so completing a big project like a sweater gets to be a chore, or it doesn't get done.
The Taos Pinwheel Sweater was started because I was intrigued by the construction method. I knew when I started it wasn't written in a size big enough for me, but had to try it. After I posted the original picture of the progress, I received a comment on this blog from someone from the yarn company stating a larger version would be out soon. When it finally did come out, it was for a drop shoulder sweater rather than the raglan. The answer I received when I e-mailed them said they tried and tried to adapt the small Japanese raglan sweater to a larger size but were unable to do so. The drop shoulder sweater looked like it had such big shoulders I decided I didn't need that look. I knew how the sweater was made so I had answered my question.
The blue sweater is a pattern from InKnitters I started over a year ago from a new cotton yarn made in Croatia. Since I was going to Croatia I thought it would be fun to knit from this yarn. Well, it just never got beyond the armholes and I lost interest and other projects interferred so I never got back to it. Whenever I looked at it, I just put it back in the bag, so decided I evidently didn't want to make it. When I took it off the needles I discovered it was probably 6 inches too big anyway. I found a good way to frog it. Since I had only a small amount of yarn on the ball I was using, I started at the loose end, attached it to my ball winder and just wound until the sweater was gone.
My husband is gone for about a week and a half (enjoying himself in New Orleans at Mardi Gras-I've been 3 times and wasn't interested in going again) so I'm having a mini vacation, too, so today I started a sweater with the yarn I bought in October in New Brunswick. Two UFO's off the list, replaced with only 1-so far!



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