Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ravelry can be expensive

Ravelry itself is a free site-although donations are welcome. It's the links that can lead to purchases.
Cute stitch markers which explain how to do the kitchener stitch-a guide always with you. From
A yarn bowl from which I really like. Not only are there many designs to chose from, it really does keep the yarn ball from rolling all over.

Even my new shoes. RandomThreads has a similar picture as her profile picture, so she kindly gave me the ordering information.

I've also signed up for All Raveled Up Sock Club by Blue Hands Fibers. The profits from the club will go to Ravelry. I'm considering the Socks That Rock Sock Club also, but my head says I don't need another one and my budget says not at this time-we'll see. As my husband says, "Why wait, you know you'll do it eventually."



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