Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Circumnavigate Sweater

The Circumnavigate Sweater is finished! Previous posts on March 1 and March 12 show the progress and the difficulty with yarn. Can you spot the two skeins of Spirit yarn in this sweater with 7 skeins of Crystal Palace Taos?
The construction of this sweater makes it interesting to knit. It is cast on with a provisional cast on just above the ribbing. The pockets and sweater are knit in one piece to the desired depth of the pocket where they are fused with the body of the sweater. The edge of the pockets have a nice 3-stitch I-cord edging. At the underarm, sleeve stitches are cast on with a provisional cast on and the yoke is worked, making the raglan decreases, to the point of the saddle shoulder. The saddle is worked back and forth, working decreases with the front and back body stitches and then a small saddle is worked across the back neck. The provisional cast on is taken out at the body and the ribbing is worked and stitches picked up for the button bands. The sleeve stitches are picked up from the provisional cast on, then bound off to give the decorative ridge around the sleeve, then stitches picked up from the back of the bind off and the sleeve knit down. Fun!
The buttons are interesting ones given to me by my son on a visit to the Cayman Islands. They are made by a local high school student who collects coconuts from the beach. He cracks them open, polishes them and individually crafts them into Coco Buttons.



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