Thursday, March 29, 2007

Heere Be Dragone/Addi Lace Needles

I am giving up! This is start of the Heere Be Dragone Shawl by Sharon Winsauer. It is the most challenging pattern with several new stitches, horizontal stitch, belly stitch, and wing stitch, with twist stitches. (Just now in reading the pattern, I discovered I was doing twist stitches on the wrong side instead of slipping-DAH!) When I first saw the pattern, my first comment was that I don't like dragons, so why would I make a shawl with a big dragon on the back, but reading the pattern and the pictures and posts on the Dragon Knit A-Long I decided I love a challenge. Well, after many hours I got only this far and found I would have to start over as I don't like the edge slip stitches and there are several glaring -to me- mistakes. So I made a list of why I want to make the shawl and why I do not. The do not reasons won. Basically, I don't want to spend as many hours as this would take to the detriment of my many other UFO's. If I came up with a different border, I also might reconsider. The border is attached by picking up stitches along the edges and knitting the edging on. I do not like the looks of picked up stitches on delicate lace projects.

The needles I used on the shawl are the new Addi lace needles. I have expressed my opinion to several people who were all shocked that I do not like them. To clarify-I am not a fan of any of the Addi needles-being a bamboo/rosewood snob. The points are sharper that the regular Addi needles, but not as sharp as the Colonial rosewood needles (which are my favorite.)



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