Saturday, December 04, 2010

Christmas Knitting Progress

My Christmas knitting projects I planned were very manageable! At Thanksgiving, Bea's scarf was done.

Rylea's sock was knit, but needed a hanger and blocking. No problem.
Dani's sock was in progress. Still manageable.

Then, the week of Thanksgiving changed my agenda! My grand daughter, Sarah, wants "slippery socks" (Cottage Creations spiral tube socks). Started.

My son, Tim, nearly cried saying, "I'm the only one in our house who doesn't have a stocking with my name on." The yarn arrived yesterday. We'll see what happens.

My grandson-in-law requested slippery socks. I had this yarn in my stash.

The Christmas stockings are all from the book by Wool You Order called, "A Baker's Dozen Christmas Socks". The company changed it's name to Two Old Bags and this pattern is out of print, but Amazing Threads does have it and Borealis had it. I have made these socks for all 9 of my grand children and now the great grand children. I didn't think I'd have to make them for my children!

The "slippery socks" are from Cottage Creations book, "Projects for Community Knitting." All 9 of the grand children have had at least 1 pair-most have had 2 or even more. They were named slippery sock, because they liked to slide across the floors in them.

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