Friday, February 01, 2008

Felted Clog Repair

I love my felted clogs-Fiber Trends pattern-and have worn them almost daily for a couple of years. Well, they were wearing thin, needed repair, and had stretched out a little so I figured running through the regular wash couldn't hurt anything. Oh my, the holes appeared. The picture doesn't show the damage very well, but I had 3 holes in the sole of each clog.My plan was to needle felt patches onto the bottoms. Luckily I had some perfectly matching yarn which I don't know if it was left over from the original. I filled the clog with pieces of foam ruibber and used the yarn to fill in the holes and ran strands of yarn criss-cross horizontally, diagonally and vertically across the holes into the surviving good fabric. Just repeated this until the holes were filled.
Wish the picture showed off the repair better. They are a little lumpy, but will be able to wear them a little longer.



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